Monday, November 8, 2010

I Offer Up

I offer up to these moments and I offer up my days.
I offer up my words and I offer up my praise.
I  worship You. I  worship You.

I offer up my worries and I offer up my pain.
I offer up my wond'ring and I offer up my shame.
I worship You. I worship You.

I offer up my planning and I offer up my schemes.
I offer up my hopes and I offer up my dreams.
I worship You. I worship You.

You have me in your power, you hold my in your hand.
I'm safe within your loving arms, in You I'll take my stand.

Your love and mercy fill my heart,
Your grace has done its part.

Your peace and joy surround my soul.
Your words have made me whole.

I worship You....I worship You....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hear My Words

Oh Lord,
How do I cope,
My heart is broken,
I am crushed,
I am bruised and battered,
despair is my constant companion.
How do I stand the pain.
How can I cope?

Your word is true,
Your faithfulness is unending,
Your love is always near
I know these things are true.
I have spoken them,
I have encouraged others in the truth.

Now, I stand in their place.
No words console.
No encouragement soothes.
My emotions are raw and ravaged
Food and sleep are another world.
The end is near.
How can I cope?

Oh, Lord,
Look on my plight
View me with pity
See me in this place.

Now, here my Words,
Not my emotions.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Completely Me

All the things I thought so important in my life,
The toys, the tools, the trophies made to rust,
I trusted in these things to make my life complete,
But I'm completely me in you alone.

I thought that other people could make me feel complete,
The accolades, the smiles and the handshakes,
It just all left me empty and then I realized,
I'm completely me in you alone.

I thought it was my wife, my job, my kids for sure,
My car, my house, or maybe the TV,
But nothing satisfied, and then I realized
I'm completely me in you alone.

I'm completely me in you alone.
I'm completely my in you alone
You alone can make me whole,
You alone can fill my soul,
I'm completely me in you alone.

Monday, April 5, 2010

U R all I Need

You are:
water for the thirsty,
bread for the hungry,
rest for the weary.

You are:
Hope for the hopeless,
peace for the restless,
courage for the fearful.

You are:
strength for the weak,
wisdom for the seeking,
riches for the poor.

You are...You are all we need.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Accolades and Applause


The accolades and applause of men,
are so hard to resist.
The heart gets full, the emotions fueled,
and the adrenaline is high.

"That was awesome, just magnificent."
"No one does quite like you."
"You really spoke to me today."
"I am so glad that you came."

Ahh... the words that make me smile,
That put my mind at ease.
How soon again will I need the rush,
Just one more week.

The accolades and the applause of men
Are temporaries best.
Soon gone, forgotten,
Trophies covered in dust.

Jesus, just to feel your smile,
To notice the Father's nod,
To sense the Spirit's cheering,
Will always be enough.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Captivity to Prosperity

The choices of my life have led me captive,
Away from hearth and home to foreign land.
There are no prison walls,  no chains to bind me,
Only consequences for the choices made.

But in this place of my captivity,
You tell me I can find prosperity,
This is not a place to hide and feel decrease,
It is a time for seeking out increase.

You tell me not to listen to the voices,
That prophesy my ultimate defeat.
You are not a God delighting in destruction,
But from captivity to freedom you release.

So when my banishment has come to end.
When my heart is captive to you once again.
Your plans for me do not include my harm,
My hope, my future in you will be charmed.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quiet Me

Father, quiet me with your love,
Wrap me in your protective arms
Let me be still in your presence.

Let the sobs diminish,
Let the tears be wiped away,
Let me see into your eyes of tenderness.

Sing your song over me,
As a child troubled in the night,
Let the darkness be dispelled.

Let my head rest on your shoulder,
And be comforted by your warmth,
Hear my cry, "Daddy."

Lift me up and I will be still,
Hold me close and I will be comforted,
Quiet me with your love.